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Historical Variable Rates – Graph and Table

Licensed Electric Suppliers are required to post the highest and lowest generation service charge rate that was billed
to their customers under a variable rate offer in each of the preceding twelve months.
The following table and graph shows this information for Connecticut Gas & Electric, Inc.
Highest and Lowest Variable Generation Rate Charged by Connecticut Gas & Electric, Inc.
Over the Past Twelve Months

(Values shown in $/KWh)
Month Jan-20Feb-20Mar-20Apr-20May-20Jun-20Jul-20Aug-20Sep-20Oct-20Nov-20Dec-20
Highest Rate $0.170$0.170$0.170$0.170$0.175$0.170$0.170$0.170$0.170$0.170$0.170$0.170
Lowest Rate $0.157$0.170$0.170$0.170$0.168$0.170$0.167$0.170$0.170$0.170$0.170$0.150